Distinct homes, distinct styles, one signature

All apartments have their own unique layout and features, but share the same architecture, nature and signature and unparalleled luxury. Find your nest, choose your mood & come home.

Distinct homes

Find your nest

Choose from 12 different apartments based on your needs, wishes and lifestyle. Go for a hidden gem on the ground floor with direct access to the garden. Opt for a spectacular view on the first two floors or go one level higher and live the dream in a penthouse.


One signature

Come home

  • Enjoy the view
    View of Le Grand Étang
  • Be one with nature
    Part of Natura 2000 protected area
  • Let in the light
    Large windows facing south
  • Indulge in luxury
    At your service!
  • Space out
    Spacious rooms and terraces
  • Make it last
    Sustainable materials and techniques
  • Choose your style
    Personal interior designer
  • Combine the best of both worlds
    An oasis of peace, 20 km from Brussels
Nearby the capital of Brussels, close to the highway’s exit, you’ll effortlessly combine the tranquility of nature with the bustling city life.

When visions meet

Architect Marc Corbiau and villa construction specialist Vlassak-Verhulst form the perfect match for this prestigious project. A different signature, the same vision.


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