A realm of calm

A place where beauty hides. Where you connect. An invitation to slow down and escape. A warm nest in nature. A home. Step into a realm of calm.

A step away from Brussels, on the banks of Le Grand Étang, surrounded by natural beauty, hides an oasis of peace and luxury: Laurel. The beautiful construction, result of a fruitful collaboration between Marc Corbiau and Vlassak-Verhulst, in the green municipality La Hulpe is home to 12 exclusive luxury apartments. Great craftsmanship, effortlessly blending architecture and nature, simplicity and grandeur.

Avenue Ernest Solvay 7, 1310 La Hulpe

Reflecting the contrast & connection between nature and architecture

Laurel is part of a Natura 2000 protected area and reflects a beautiful interplay between architecture and nature, showcasing both the connection and contrast. Exploring the balance between refined and rough, perfect and imperfect, static and dynamic.

One with nature

Large windows overlook a lush garden and Le Grand Étang, which blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. Simple design solutions and natural, sustainable materials, textures and colours further enhance the natural beauty.


Project by Vlassak-Verhulst &
Marc Corbiau

Groundbreaking design, a unique location, a lush setting, next level service and a slow living touch. Marc Corbiau and Vlassak-Verhulst translate luxury living into an experience.



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